Essential Journal

Essential Journal

The Essential Journal is a national lifestyle, culture and fashion-forward publication distributed across major UK cities each month. Our aim is to leave our readers informed, providing a window into a better, more considered lifestyle. It serves as both a benchmark in modern, aspirational living and a guide for those in pursuit of quality, character and culture.

Hungry for a lifestyle that reflects their ideals and their integrity, The Essential Journal reader is savvy and discerning. They share a passion for high quality goods and the people who make them. They do not look to buy, but to invest. They spend big but they spend wisely. For such a reader, The Essential Journal is a trusted directory of the well-made and the long-lasting.


In pursuit of the timeless and the trendless, The Essential Journal has carved itself out a niche through its passion for compelling stories, considered design, heritage, history and the art of craftsmanship.

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